Managed Network Security Support

The Tools You Need For Proactive Threat Management

Electronic Information Systems provide organizations with productivity benefits that unfortunately also can introduce a whole new set of risks and threats.  The more we depend on our technology to manage important information that represents the lifeblood of the organization, the greater the risk. 

Many people think that hardware is their primary IT asset. However, unless you can access and maintain the integrity of your data, the hardware is useless.  The data is the reason you have your IT in the first place.

DP Solutions offers a variety of Managed Network Security Services to help ensure that you can continue to work and protect your most important IT assets in a safe and productive fashion.

Patch Management

Sadly, applications and operating systems are filled with flaws that companies like Microsoft and Adobe are always attempting to address with constant patches and updates.  But unless someone is looking out for these fixes proactively, you could find yourself with vulnerabilities on your PCs and Servers that you had no idea existed.  DP Solutions helps alleviate these concerns and minimize the risks of data breaches and downtime that could come as a result of a vulnerability being exploited by proactively patching and updating your core software using our best-in-breed Patch Management tools.

Web Filtering

Browsing the web can be dangerous, even when you think you are going to trusted sites.  Often times, URLs are hijacked to redirect you elsewhere, or coding on a site is weak leading to a virus being implanted within the site itself.  Or maybe staff is abusing web privileges by going to dangerous sites for fun that ultimately put your network security at risk.  DP Solutions offers a robust Web Filtering package that can control what sites your organization can visit and block sites that can potentially be hazardous.

Managed Antivirus

There are many effective Antivirus products in the marketplace, but who is making sure that you have the latest version or are using the most current and sophisticated virus definitions?  Or more importantly, do you even know if your Antivirus product is running as it should on all of your PCs and Servers?  For our clients, we offer state of the art Antivirus applications that are proactively managed by our support team. You can be assured that your Antivirus solution is modern and effective, rather than relying on off the shelf products that are unmanaged and often ignored.

Get More Information about Managed Network Security

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to some of the Managed Network Security Services offerings DP Solutions provides our clients. Like anything else, the right security solution is one that is custom fit for the needs of your organization, so contact us to learn more about how we can help lower your security risks.