BYOD Security Strategies

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has shifted the landscape of the working-world. 

Smartphones and other ‘always-on’ devices have enabled us to be reached practically anytime and anywhere. They have also removed many work barriers, such as always needing to be at our desk to collaborate with colleagues and work effectively. 

Watch DP Solutions’ webinar to learn:

  • Devices to consider in your BYOD plan.
  • Policies to create and communicate with staff.
  • Tools and accessories to help manage the security of personally owned devices.
  • How to deal with staff who are wary of having security tools on devices they own.
  • When to consider issuing devices instead of allowing personally owned devices.
  • What type of work should be restricted on personally owned devices.
  • How cloud solutions can help manage BYOD risk.

Watch the Webinar