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Our Real Estate clients rave about the patience and flexibility our team members show when helping to resolve problems. Learn why these clients want to build long-term relationships with us.

Real Estate Testimonials


"My name is Tonya, and I handle vendor management at A&R Development based in Baltimore, MD. I interviewed DPS last year after we were in desperate need to find an IT company capable of managing all of the technological needs of our company. We are not tech wizs, nor pretend to be, so we needed an IT provider that would take the reigns and lead us in the direction that we need to be.

Everyone from customer service to the techs and engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the business and work really hard to get any issues resolved in a timely manner. Also, our Client Strategy Advisor is the absolute BEST! We have monthly and quarterly well as some calls throughout to address questions that I may have about a service being provided, or to get information about how our system works. He is very patient, and will stay on the call for as long as needed to ensure that I fully understand the issue or project.

Since DPS has been our IT provider, we were able to mainstream our systems and is now totally cloud-based...including our server. We also have a comprehensive IT Disaster relief plan in place, and am fully aware of the hardware and software that we have available as well as the projected time each need to be replaced or renewed.

They make my job soooo much easier because I do not have to babysit them. They are extremely proactive, and communicate with me if they see an issue patching one of the accounts or if they need clarification in order to proceed with a project or system updates.

I would highly recommend them to any company looking for superior IT service!”

- Tonya, Real Estate Developer