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Expert IT Solutions & Support for Real Estate Professionals: Custom IT Services in MD, VA, PA, and D.C.

Empower Real Estate Businesses with Innovative Technological Solutions in the Mid-Atlantic

Tailored IT Services for Efficiency and Growth Solutions in Real Estate

With online listings, virtual tours, and e-signing, technology has changed the way real-estate transactions are handled these days. Not only are paperless transactions the norm, but mobile technology has transformed the landscape. Access to information, client expectations, and customer service are very different in today's market.

Our Real Estate clients rave about the patience and flexibility our team members show when helping to resolve problems. Learn why these clients want to build long-term relationships with us.

To stay ahead, you need technology that can keep up with your busy real estate business. While this can be intimidating, DP Solutions is here to help!




Client Success Stories: Hear How We've Transformed Real Estate IT

Check out our client testimonials to hear what our Real Estate customers are saying about their experience working with DP Solutions.

IT Support Tailored for Real Estate Professionals

DP Solutions Managed IT Services offers tailored solutions specifically designed for IT Support Tailored for Real Estates in MD, VA, PA, and D.C. With our comprehensive suite of services, your company can thrive in today's digital landscape. Whether you need cloud services, managed backup and disaster recovery, 24x7 tech support, security and compliance solutions, or technology planning and road mapping, DP Solutions has you covered.

By partnering with DP Solutions, Real Estate companies can harness the power of technology to enhance efficiency, security, and scalability, ultimately driving growth and success. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your firm through innovative IT solutions.

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How DP Solutions Helps Take Your Realty Company to the Next Level

Secure, paperless around-the-clock access to files

We’ll provide you with a robust custom-tailored cloud solution to safely store all of your leases, payments, maintenance logs, and other important documents. You’ll be able to spend more time onsite at your properties with 24x7 secure and reliable mobile access to the files you need.

Time to focus on the big picture

With IT management off your plate, you’ll have more time to grow your business and focus on creating exceptional experiences for your clients. Our solutions will scale with your business, allowing you to keep pace with growth and effectively manage your time.

Integration of different technologies

Your firm probably has dozens of different apps, programs and other technologies to manage your properties. Through our IT managed services program, we’ll ensure your programs all work together, the warranties are up-to-date and they have the latest security patches.

24x7 tech support

Between maintenance orders, scheduling showings and expediting applications, your tenants and owners need to be able to reach you 24x7. That means your technology needs to be up and running when you are. Our 24x7 Service Desk is locally staffed and available around-the-clock to help you with technology challenges.

Explore Our World-Class IT Services

Leveraging cloud technology helps simplify your network infrastructure, providing a high level of access to your data, emails, documents, and applications, and increases scalability. Cloud services also include:

  • Perimeter spam and virus filtering
  • Hosted emails
  • Offsite data storage
  • Virtual servers
  • Virtual desktop (VDI) services
  • Remote application delivery services
  • Remote backup

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Optimize your real estate company’s services with virtualization, mobile optimization and secure paperless transactions. Increase your sales speed with the perfect IT setup by DP Solutions. Contact us today to start the conversation.