Onboarding with DP Solutions

Welcome to your new IT Support Team!

DP Solutions is committed to providing your organization with the highest level of service and a smooth transition to working together. The first step in our partnership is our five-step onboarding process:  

Download the Onboarding Flyer Here [pdf]

Step 1: Onboarding Meeting

Your account manager will schedule an onboarding meeting to review all of the information we need to get you up and running. From your company, we recommend that the IT point of contact, key decision makers and anyone else who will be working directly with DP Solutions attend. During this meeting, we’ll gather the following information:   

  • Contact Information
  • Third Party Vendor Information
  • Maintenance & Report Preferences
  • Passwords
  • How to Submit Services Requests

Step 2: Technical Onboarding

There are two components to the Technical Onboarding process - remote and onsite.  

Remote Onboarding

We perform several tasks remotely to get you set up in our system:

  • Deploy remote monitoring tools so we can watch your systems 24x7
  • Install security tools such as Open DNS, Antivirus and Spam Filter
  • Review your data backups
  • Take inventory and perform configurations of any items that can be done remotely
  • Perform any maintenance tasks that are needed

Onsite Onboarding 

We will schedule 1 to 2 days to be at your location to complete the onsite onboarding:

  • Review and document your complete IT infrastructure and network configurations
  • Install any agents that couldn’t be installed remotely
  • Take inventory and configure remaining network assets that couldn’t be done remotely
  • Install any necessary hardware

Step 3: Review & Recommendations

We’ll compile and review with you all of the findings and recommendations from the Technical Onboarding phase. These will include:

Network Health Report

A full assessment of your network’s health and efficiency.

IT Risk Consultation

We’ll discuss your organization’s security risks and concerns and identify any weaknesses that may allow your data to be compromised.


We’ll provide a summary of recommendations on any hardware or software upgrades, risk management solutions and any other strategies to help improve network efficiencies and overall health.

Step 4: Implementation

We’ll implement the approved recommendations from Step 3 on your network. At the conclusion of this step, you can expect:

  • Security Upgrades
  • Network & System Improvements
  • Better Overall Performance
  • Reduced Risk & Exposure

Step 5: Ongoing Engagement

We’ll implement the approved recommendations from Step 3 on your network. At the conclusion of this step, you can expect:

Quarterly Business Reviews

As a client, you’ll have quarterly business reviews with your Account Management Team to:

  • Discuss the current state of your company
  • Review the previous quarter’s service requests to identify trends and where focus or improvements need to be made
  • Identify and prioritize your company’s goals and initiatives for   the following quarter
  • Address any issues or concerns

Status Reports

You’ll receive several reports on a regular basis so you can see the status of your network and service requests. These reports include:

  • Antivirus and Patch Health Reports 
  • Backup Status Reports 
  • Hardware and Software Inventory Reports 
  • Service Ticket Summary Reports 

Client Resources Center

Our online Client Resources Center provides you with quick and easy access to support guides, important links and contact information for our sales and service desk. You can access the Client Resources Center anytime. 

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