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Thank you for choosing DP Solutions as your trusted IT services partner!

Here you will find valuable resources and information that will help you make the most of our partnership together.

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24x7 Service Line: 410-720-1220                    Phone: 410-720-3300 x2
Email:                    Email: 

Support Links

arrow-orange20x20.png Screen Connect 
       Remote desktop assistance

arrow-orange20x20.png Customer Support Portal 
       Create Service Desk tickets or view the status of your service request.

arrow-orange20x20.png New Workstation Request Form
       Place a request for a new workstation or device.

arrow-orange20x20.png After Hours Support Procedures
       How to access support outside of normal business hours. 


Onboarding Resources

arrow-orange20x20.png The Onboarding Process
       The first step in our partnership is onboarding. In this document, we have              outlined the primary steps of the onboarding process. See how we          

arrow-orange20x20.png How to Place a Service Ticket (video)
      Knowing the different ways to submit service tickets helps us get to you                faster and resolve your issue quicker.

arrow-orange20x20.png What to Expect After Submitting a Service Ticket (video)
       So you've submitted a service ticket, now what?
       Here's a quick walk
through of what you can expect after you submit a                 service desk ticket with DP Solutions.

arrow-orange20x20.png BrightGauge: Personalized Data Dashboards (video)
       Learn about this tool that provides personalized, real-time dashboards of
       your service metrics, including service tickets, inventory & satisfaction.

arrow-orange20x20.png New Client Information Sheet lock-icon-18.png         
       Start the onboarding process by filling out the New Client Information                   Sheet.


Client Satisfaction Surveys

arrow-orange20x20.png Service Ticket Satisfaction Surveys
      In order to obtain real-time feedback from our clients, DP Solutions includes        one-click satisfaction surveys with each Service Ticket that we complete.

arrow-orange20x20.png Onboarding Satisfaction Survey
      Onboarding is one of the most important events that DP Solutions does for          
our clients. Let us know about your onboarding experience.

arrow-orange20x20.png Project Satisfaction Survey
      successful project is not just about delivering a solution, but creating an            experience that our clients enjoy. Tell us how your project went.

arrow-orange20x20.png QBR Satisfaction Survey
      Quarterly Business Review (QBR) meetings are an important component of          your service with
DP Solutions as they help ensure that we continue to meet       and exceed your expectations throughout our partnership. Tell us how we're         doing.


Spam Filter

arrow-orange20x20.png Proofpoint Spam Filter Portal

arrow-orange20x20.png Proofpoint Spam Filter User's Guide

arrow-orange20x20.png Proofpoint Quick Start Guide

arrow-orange20x20.png Proofpoint Email Encryption Guide

arrow-orange20x20.png How to Access and Use Proofpoint (Video)