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DP Solutions has worked with this Baltimore-based insurance company for over a decade, with our staff and data center acting as their IT department. DP Solutions provides content filtering, hardware, servers and workstations for the company’s computer systems and our technicians visit the business on a weekly basis to make sure that their system is running smoothly. More recently, the company approached DP Solutions to create and implement a disaster recovery plan. As a home insurance provider, it is essential that saff be able to quickly access the most up-to-date data in case of an emergency.


The plan recommended by DP Solutions involves implementing products from Double-Take Software to replicate all changes made to company’s data in real time. When an employee makes a change to one of his/her files, the change is instantly replicated and stored in the servers hosted in DP Solutions’ data center. All of the organization’s servers are connected to DP Solutions’ servers through T1 dedicated circuits, meaning that theirs is the only data traveling through these circuits.

The recovery point objective (RPO) for the firm is 30 seconds and their recovery time objective (RTO) is 8 hours. Therefore, in the event of an emergency, the staff has the ability to access to their data from an offsite location or even through the conference room at DP Solutions’ headquarters in Columbia, MD. This means they will be able to run their business as usual just hours after a disaster.


Every quarter, two of the client’s staff members come to DP Solutions’ headquarters to simulate a disaster and make sure that all the disaster recovery systems are working properly. Even though a disaster has not yet occurred, the employees have completed the simulation and are able to access all of the information within an hour of a potential emergency. Because a disaster in the Baltimore area would not only be an emergency for the company, but also for its customers and their homes, it is imperative that a strong disaster recovery solution is in place and is maintained. Thus far, DP Solutions has had a strong, longlasting relationship with this organization and has helped them effectively prepare their business in case of a disaster.


For reference information or to learn more about this client and the disaster recovery solution provided, contact your sales representative at 800.679.4377 or email sales@dpsolutions.com.

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