A look at what’s working

We base our success on the success of our customers. Whether they’ve come to us for a software recommendation or a holistic shift in the way they handle their IT, we’re proud to say that for over 50 years we’ve helped organizations in many different industries build IT systems that propel their business forward.

Here are a few examples:

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Complete Network & IT Support Transition

Non-Profit Organization   |   100 EMPLOYEES

This non-profit organization was looking to move their IT support away from a larger hospital organization. DP Solutions established a transition plan to assist them in gaining their technological independence and managed IT support.

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Healthcare Managed Services-min

Healthcare Managed Services & Cloud IT

Healthcare Organization   |   80 EMPLOYEES

With no technical staff in the business, this medical organization teamed up with DP Solutions to manage their technology in 2010. When the organization came on as a client, only a handful of employees had email, and those that did were using personal email accounts for the business. This caused a lot of security, efficiency, and compliance challenges for the organization. 

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Microsoft Azure-min

Microsoft Azure Cloud Server Migration

Insurance Company   |   15 EMPLOYEES

With only 15 employees, this long-standing Baltimore-based insurance company might have a small staff, but their technology footprint is significant. They needed to refresh their very large existing systems. DPS helped them consolidate their system and migrate to the Cloud.

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Managed IT services - cloud hosting-min

Managed IT Services & Cloud Hosting

Association   |   22 EMPLOYEES

This Northern Virginia-based transportation association was looking to move their infrastructure to the cloud, and their existing IT provider was unable to support these needs. The organization needed a managed services provider (MSP) that was organized, stable, experienced, and could get them spun up in the cloud quickly. 

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Virtual desktop infrastructure-min

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Non-Profit Organization  |   100 Employees

This Baltimore-based non-profit organization was outgrowing their existing shared remote desktop environment, which was limiting user productivity and causing administrators to spend a lot of valuable time on support issues. The lack of suitable resources was leading to employee dissatisfaction, as technical difficulties kept the staff from performing their duties effectively. Essentially, the organization’s existing environment was no longer working for them. That's when DP Solutions  brought the idea of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to the table.

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Managed IT Services - Cloud Migration - nonprofit-min

Managed IT Services and Cloud Migration

Non-Profit Organization   |   52 EMPLOYEES

With offices throughout the U.S., remote access is essential for this large non-profit organization to maintain its operations. DPS took over the management of the organization’s technology and immediately helped develop a strategic plan to consolidate their system and migrate it to the “Cloud”. 

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Disaster recovery - Auto-min

Disaster Recovery

Automobile Insurance   |   100 Employees

After a negative experience with their prior disaster recovery provider, this Baltimore-based automobile insurance company sought a new disaster recovery provider who would give them the time and attention they needed. With a high-volume of sensitive data processed on their server, the security of their data was a focal concern. The company wanted to secure their in-house code so that it not only allowed for easy and consistent data transmission, but also managed their data through a protected outlet. The company also requested frequent tests of their disaster recovery plan. 

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Disaster recovery - home-min

Disaster Recovery

Homeowner's Insurance Company    |   15 Employees

DP Solutions has worked with this Baltimore-based insurance company for over a decade, with our staff and data center acting as their IT department. DP Solutions provides content filtering, hardware, servers and workstations for the company’s computer systems and our technicians visit the business on a weekly basis to make sure that their system is running smoothly. More recently, the company approached DP Solutions to create and implement a disaster recovery plan. As a home insurance provider, it is essential that saff be able to quickly access the most up-to-date data in case of an emergency.

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Managed IT services - employment industry-min

Managed IT Services

Employment Services Industry    |   25 Employees

When this employment services firm began its partnership with DP Solutions, they were looking to eliminate their dependence on in-house IT personnel. They also wanted a reliable infrastructure that would allow them to consolidate the time and resources spent on managing their data, as well as a scalable, cost-effective data protection plan.

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Managed backup services-min

Managed Backup Services

Non-Profit Organization    |   100 Employees

When this Baltimore-based non-profit organization began its partnership with DP Solutions, significant troubleshooting was needed for an on-site server. Remote users were encountering connection issues and as a result, configuration support became a high priority. Additionally, the organization wanted to improve the reliability and security of their database while still maintaining primary control of its internal infrastructure. “Our selection of DP Solutions was in part a result of their approach to solutions having an appropriate return in investment,” said the organization’s CFO. “They approached the project like a business partner (rather than sales) and engaged us in conversation to get to the best solution.”

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Managed IT Services - nonprofit-min

Managed IT Services

Non-Profit Organization    |   45 Employees

With aging and worn out hardware, slow servers, and inconsistent IT support, this Baltimore-based non-profit organization was in need of DP Solutions’ assistance. They were concerned about the security of their data and wanted to incorporate reliable servers, network protection and disaster recovery into their IT infrastructure.

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Workspace cloud business-min

WorkSpace Cloud Business Services

Accounting Firm   |   20 Employees

As a new company stemming from an established accounting firm, the client initially sought out DP Solutions for help implementing an IT infrastructure for the new business. The president and co-owner explained that he, “engaged a few firms to do this role, each with various levels of experience, but there was no one who even came close to DP Solutions.” As the firm grew, so did the amount of files and accounts. That’s when they engaged DP Solutions for a more manageable cloud IT solution.

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