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Multi-Factor Authentication

Now more than ever, employees are working from different locations, using personal devices to remotely log into your applications. As a result, we don’t know who’s accessing what, and how. 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) allows you to embrace mobility and BYOD while keeping employees happy with frictionless, secure access that's based on the trustworthiness of users and devices.

Join DP Solutions and Duo Security to learn how multi-factor authentication keeps your organization’s data secure, even if passwords or devices are compromised.

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Using Wireless Technology & Mobile Devices Securely

Technology has allowed us flexibility and freedom to work wherever we want and with whatever devices we choose. 

Now, anyone can access all kinds of information no matter where they are or what device they’re using.  While this advancement can make our lives more productive and enriching, it also brings along a new series of concerns that need to be addressed so we can protect ourselves.

Join DP Solutions’ Senior IT Risk Advisor, Ben Schmerler’s latest webinar to learn critical strategies for using wireless technology and mobile devices securely and responsibly.

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How to Create the Ultimate Security Awareness Training Program for Your Staff

Everyone knows that to protect your organization, you need security tools like firewalls, Antivirus, endpoint detection, etc.  However, many businesses overlook the importance of having a workforce that knows how to act responsibly with their day-to-day technology usage.

Tune in to DP Solutions latest webinar to learn the essential strategies for developing an effective and comprehensive Security Awareness Training program.  

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How to Protect Sensitive Data When You Replace an Old PC or Server

When you buy a new PC, laptop or other device, you most likely know that you will have to replace it in a few years due to modern hardware lifecycles. You give your new device to your IT guy to set up and they take the old device back. But what happens to that device and the data stored on it when it leaves your office?

Join DP Solutions’ Senior IT Risk Advisor, Ben Schmerler for a discussion on how to ensure your sensitive data is secured throughout the device lifecycle.

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Data Management: Strategies to organize, manage, protect, and recover your data

Data is an asset, like cash. In fact, it may be your most valuable resource.

The value of your data depends on what you do with it. If your data is relevant, complete, accurate, timely, meaningful and usable, then it can help in the growth of your organization. If not, it can prove to be a useless and even harmful asset.

Listen as DP Solutions’ Senior IT Risk Advisor, Ben Schmerler discusses how to develop an effective data management strategy for your organization.

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How to Create an Effective Cyber Security Policy

As security breaches become the new normal, having a cyber-security policy in place for your organization becomes essential. 

Technology alone cannot prevent a cyber-attack; therefore, businesses need to create a culture of security among their staff. The best way to do this is with cyber-security policies: a series of rules that define what end users may or may not do with their technology. 

Listen in as DP Solutions’ Senior IT Risk Advisor, Ben Schmerler discusses how to develop a solid and reasonable policy for your organization.

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2018 Ransomware Threats 

In 2017, global cyberattacks against small-to-midsize businesses soared with 1 in 20 SMBs being hit with ransomware. These attacks are predicted to increase over the next two years. 

Discover more ransomware trends, top predictions for 2018, and best practices to protect your business from ransomware downtime at DP Solutions’ webinar featuring cybersecurity experts from Datto.

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Vulnerability Testing | Free On Demand Webinar

Vulnerability testing helps organizations identify weaknesses in their infrastructure by detecting security loopholes. 

A vulnerability can be a bug in code, a flaw in software, a gap in security procedures, or a weakness in internal controls, any of which could be exploited and result in a security breach. 

In addition to identifying weaknesses, vulnerability testing can help you develop a systematic plan to remediate vulnerabilities and prevent future attacks.

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Build Your Human Firewall with Phishing Training & Testing

Today, your employees are exposed to advanced phishing attacks constantly. Your users are now the weak link in your network security. 

To cope with this emerging threat, end-users must be educated. The more knowledge they possess, and the better informed those users are about attacks, the less likely they are to fall prey to scammers. 

Find out how Security Awareness Training & Simulated Phishing can establish a human firewall to effectively block hackers and criminals.

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Managing Cyber Security Risks Webinar | IT Security|

Ever wonder how businesses get exposed to cyber-attacks like ransomware, phishing, social engineering scams, and more? Is your organization vulnerable to these threats?   

If you are uncertain about the vulnerabilities in your business that could lead to a major loss in productivity, revenue… or worse… attend this webinar and learn how to identify risk factors and bolster your organization’s defenses.  

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