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Stay Cyber-Safe this Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, cyber-criminals are looking for fresh targets to go after.

While you may think of these kinds of attacks as hacking Amazon accounts or stealing credit card numbers, the reality is that you are being targeted for far more than just the purchases you make on Black Friday.

Watch this webinar for a look at how to identify and thwart Cyber-Threats during the Holidays.

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Password Management

Watch this webinar for a look at how to overcome password management challenges and develop an effective authentication strategy. 

You'll learn about...

    • Password Management Tools: How they help manage different passwords for different accounts.
    • Multi-Factor Authentication: Why you MUST use this technology for sensitive accounts.
    • Single Sign-On: How to use single sign-on to your benefit.
    • Trusted Devices: How trusted devices can simplify login management.
    • User Accounts: Why they are compromised so much in the first place.
    • Q&A

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Cyber Insurance

Just about any organization that uses technology faces cyber risk. And as technology becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the threats we face. That’s why every organization needs to be prepared with an effective cyber security plan and cyber liability insurance program to manage and mitigate cyber risk.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to prepare for and combat the risks and threats facing businesses today.
  • How a cyber insurance program manages your risk.
  • How to select the right cyber policy for your organization.
  • How cyber insurance integrates with your cyber-security plan.

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BYOD Security Strategies

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has shifted the landscape of the working-world. 

Smartphones and other ‘always-on’ devices have enabled us to be reached practically anytime and anywhere. They have also removed many work barriers, such as always needing to be at our desk to collaborate with colleagues and work effectively. 

Watch DP Solutions’ webinar to learn:

  • Devices to consider in your BYOD plan.
  • Policies to create and communicate with staff.
  • Tools and accessories to help manage the security of personally owned devices.
  • How to deal with staff who are wary of having security tools on devices they own.
  • When to consider issuing devices instead of allowing personally owned devices.
  • What type of work should be restricted on personally owned devices.
  • How cloud solutions can help manage BYOD risk.

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Security on the Go

With the peak of vacation season underway, travelers need to know how to keep their information safe when they are away from their homes and offices.

Watch DP Solutions’ webinar to learn how to keep your information safe while on the road. We will cover topics such as:

  • What to do BEFORE you leave on a trip
  • How to work safely on an airplane, bus, train or in an airport
  • Tips for your hotel room or in conference settings
  • Helpful items to pack with you
  • Ways to securely collaborate with colleagues
  • Policies and procedures to implement to ensure your staff travels responsibility
  • And much more!

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Threat Detection & Security Webinar

Knowing how to proactively identify and prevent technology threats from taking a major hold of your organization is essential for today’s businesses.  

Watch DP Solutions’ webinar to learn:

  • Various approaches to proactive monitoring
  • Different types of detection and prevention techniques and tools
  • How to determine what’s right for you
  • Clarifying MUST haves vs. NICE to haves
  • Day-to-day maintenance tasks to keep your business healthy
  • Sophisticated, yet aggressive solutions that address critical incidents

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The End of Windows 7

If you’re one of the estimated 40%+ of businesses still on the outdated Windows 7 platform, consider this your wake-up call: time is nearly up for your trusty, tried-and-true operating system. 

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008. That means no more updates, security or otherwise, will be offered by the company from that date forward. This has serious implications for productivity, security, and system planning. 

If you aren’t already addressing this within your organization, we urge you to attend this webinar to learn how to develop a strategy for leaving Windows 7 behind! 

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Managing IT Vulnerabilities & Dealing with the Consequences

Any organization using technology needs to have a plan in place to deal with the vulnerabilities inherent in technology products. Being prepared and having a proactive plan in place is the best thing you can do to manage these outcomes. Attend DP Solutions’ upcoming webinar for an enlightening discussion creating an effective strategy to handle IT liabilities and mitigate their impact on your business. 

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The Best (and safest) Ways to Connect to Your Data, People and Applications

Join DP Solutions for a discussion on how to achieve secure and efficient connectivity in today’s hyper-connected world.

What does today’s business need to ensure the most secure and efficient connectivity possible?

Tune in to DP Solutions webinar on Feb. 27, for a discussion on:

  • How to achieve safe, secure and fast connections in today’s hyper-connected world
  • What connectivity technology is needed for a typical office setting
  • How to address the needs of the home or remote worker
  • Other connectivity considerations to keep in mind

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Data Privacy Obligations

Stories about Facebook, Equifax and other companies involved in data security controversies dominate the headlines and the backlash is fierce.

While your business might not have the scope of Facebook or Equifax, you can still use these stories to improve your own Data Management strategies so that you don’t become the next organization under the microscope.

At this webinar, we discuss the important lessons you should take away from these incidents and how to apply them to your organization.

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