Highly Available Infrastructure for The Foundation Fighting Blindness

Foundation Fighting Blindness

The name of our organization is the Foundation Fighting Blindness and we raise money for research into retinal diseases - the entire spectrum of degenerative retinal diseases.

Geographically Diverse, High-Availabilty Solution

[DP Solutions is] our technology partner; they solve a variety of issues. You know anything from where we just can't get to a help desk request. Or, we have you know a major problem that to no fault of anyone, just happens to crop up and we need help.

Foundation Fighting Blindness had all of their IT infrastructure located within their data center in Columbia Maryland. So, they were interested in a geographically diverse, high-availability solution.

We introduce the idea of high availability with exchange. So, that there would be multiple servers at multiple locations, that kept in sync in real time and could fail over real time. So, that in the case of an outage or disaster, there would be down time of minutes, as opposed to hours.

Email DR & High-Availability

Email is critical to our field offices, headquarters staff, & chapters. If we were to lose this building, we have every confidence that we could cut over to the Chicago site. And, you know we may not have a building to do business in, but people could communicate through email; through that high availability site.

We have the bench and the experience to provide a high caliber of solution, but we're still small enough to continue to be flexible and able to rapidly address clients' needs.

The implementation is flawless. If we didn't have a technology partner like DP solutions, I would probably have a lot more sleepless nights, as would our CFO.