Managed IT Services Providing Competitive Advantage 

The Benefits of Confidence Plus

With this monthly managed IT service program you’ll be up-to-date, running optimally, and secure with:

  • Unlimited IT Service Desk Support:  Contact us any time. We’ll work with you until we find the solution.
  • Proactive Maintenance and Security Updates:  You won’t even need to think about your network—we’ll take care of updates and issues for you.
  • 24×7 Monitoring:  We don’t sleep so that you can. We’ll consistently monitor and handle any issues before they come up.
  • Office Pro Subscription through Microsoft cloud licensing: Ensure you have the latest and greatest versions without having to worry about licensing!
  • Virus and Spyware Protection:  Includes Trend Micro Antivirus & Malwarebytes Pro managed by DP Solutions so you’re always up to speed.
  • Technology Planning:  As your business advances, your technology will keep pace.

“Managed IT Services has provided us with a significant amount of reliability, scalability, security and access to the latest technologies. We get access to much more talent and many more resources than we could afford to hire ourselves.”

- Cliff, President, Warehouse & Trucking Company

Proactive managed services offer several valuable IT management advantages:

  • Reduces the time that an IT staff spends fixing problems
  • Problems are anticipated as opposed to reacted upon
  • Automates labor-intensive processes and frees additional resources
  • Mitigates downtime and ensures better SLA compliance
  • End users’ productivity is protected
  • Cultivates a more strategic environment for broader business impact

Be completely confident with Confidence Plus Managed IT Network Services

Your computer network will be more effective:
We’ll analyze your entire organization to optimize your network. Since different functions may require their own workstation and networking processing power and operation levels, we’ll work with you to understand each area’s unique needs. Then, we’ll deploy the infrastructure (workstations, servers, storage devices, routers, and switches), software and other components (copiers, scanners, telephone systems, office software, messaging software, mobile applications, and intranet or Internet applications) that facilitate your business. Finally, we’ll monitor and adjust to ensure peak performance.

Your computer network will be up-to-date:
We’ll keep your network as up-to-the-minute as possible, by tracking hardware and software licenses, warranties, and maintenance contracts, and upgrading old equipment to keep you current. We’ll also help you align your technology strategy with your evolving business goals.

Your computer network will be reliable:
From a remote location, we’ll oversee your firewalls, servers, workstations, and critical network components, proactively applying software fixes and recent updates, so you can rest easy, knowing that potential hackers, viruses, spam, malware, and other risks are far at bay, and software bugs can’t bug you.

How we work:

  1. We assess your computer network and each department’s specific requirements to generate a detailed report and estimate for any corrections. We also provide an inventory and optional improvement recommendations.
  2. We implement recommended enhancements and begin monitoring the systems.
  3. Our network monitoring software detects and reports issues instantly through a robust trouble ticket system.
  4. We automate IT tasks and gather the data to discern trends that can be used to improve the system.
  5. Armed with this valuable data, we meet with you regularly to review your network and computers’ performance, prepare for upcoming business needs, and provide overall recommendations to keep your technology optimized.

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