Request For Proposal (RFP) Templates

Searching for a new IT services provider can be a difficult and intimidating process. Requests for Proposals (RFPs) are a great tool to help organizations evaluate IT providers, streamline the selection process, and ultimately find the best technology partner to fit their needs.

Over the years, DP Solutions has successfully responded to many RFPs for IT Services. Using this experience, we have developed easy-to-use RFP templates to help you frame up the questions to ask and standards against which to measure vendors so that you can create your own RFP for outsourced IT services.

Available RFP Templates:

MSP-RFP-Template MSP-RFP-Planning-Questions MSP-RFP-Evaluation-Scorecard

RFP Template

RFP Planning Questions

RFP Evaluation Scorecard

Our hope is that these resources will help you run the RFP process more smoothly, without frustration and that they ultimately lead you to find the outsourced IT partner that will drive your business forward.

These templates are completely free to use, and you are under absolutely no obligation to DP Solutions by using them.