DP Solutions Culture Guidelines

We have five guiding principles that direct us in everything we do both internally and externally. We want to ‘Wow’ each other and our customers—and earn the right to be your IT Service Provider of Choice and the Employer of Choice for our staff.

These are the secrets to helping us reach your success:

1. Our People Matter

  • DP Solutions is defined by its people and not by its products; in short, the company places the utmost importance on our relationships with our customers.
  • We listen to what every customer says and take every issue seriously, no matter how small or large it is.
  • As often as we can, we answer every customer call with a smile on our face. Even though they can’t see us, our positive attitude shines through the phone.
  • We continually invest in critical staff training and certification.

2. Surprise and Delight

  • It’s our mission to make our clients happy. We are thrilled when clients tell us about the great service they’ve received – especially when what we do makes their lives easier.
  • After successfully resolving an issue for a client, we always ask if he/she is 100% satisfied and if there is anything else we can assist with. We’ll go the extra two miles.
  • At the conclusion of a project, we ask the client if they are 100% satisfied and if there is anything else with which we can assist them. This demonstrates care and a willingness to do more to please our clients.

3. Take the Long-Term View

  • The Long-Term View is usually the best and biggest view. We’re always thinking long-term and listening to our client’s current and future needs, like acquisition growth, office moves, new staff, increased orders, and so forth.
  • We encourage our employees to think long-term about what they will need in the future to augment and improve in order to “WOW” their clients, and to make concrete plans to get there.

4. Own It

  • With ownership comes great success. This means that our teams take responsibility to ensure that their client’s experiences are World Class and activities are done in a timely and thorough manner.
  • In DP Solutions’ Own It culture, clients will hear comments such as, “can I help you in any way?” Or, “what else can I do to ensure you are completely satisfied with this project?”
  • When everyone starts to Own It, the approach becomes contagious throughout the company and our clients are happier knowing they are being well taken care of.

5.  Think Teamwork

  • DP Solutions constantly collaborates in teams within and across departments, with our vendor partners, and with our clients. Every participant plays an active role with the full understanding that his or her assignments are a critical part of the success of the entire project.
  • We encourage employees to pitch in to get a job done when the primary person is not available, helping out to complete a project on time, and sharing knowledge with the group to get different viewpoints on a topic.
  • By implementing the “Think Teamwork,” approach, we constantly tap into our many valuable internal resources to provide the most thorough, well-planned, and efficient solutions for our clients.

All of this adds up to an atmosphere with a high emphasis on growth and fulfillment—for the company and for our employees.