Consulting Services to Boost IT Network Performance 

The IT Consulting Company that Redefines Network Consulting Services

When you look at your overall IT picture, do you see a constant stream of “To Do’s”? Do you need a comprehensive IT strategic plan that addresses upgrades, technology transitions, capacity planning, and/or more efficient IT processes? Although these tasks may seem doable at first, most companies just don’t have the time, resources, or ability to keep pace with ever-changing technologies and the implementation of specific solutions, like a Server upgrade or other update.

DP Solutions offers a breadth and depth of IT network consulting expertise that will ensure your IT plan is implemented correctly the first time and all the time. DP Solutions’ IT Consulting Services consists of a comprehensive network assessment to take stock of your inventory and current environment and provide a smart, cost-effective IT systems recommendation based on your specific objectives.

Leverage our staff for a wide range of technical skills. They are certified in many of the latest technology solutions, and can provide resources that will keep your technical team up-to-speed. Let us be your IT Consulting company and you’ll never have to worry about constantly managing your IT again.

The Network Assessment:  How will you measure up?

One of our senior technicians will inventory your current IT systems. Once complete, we can:

  • Pinpoint any exposure or risk to potential lapses in security, data backup, power outages, and system downtime.
  • Outline a powerful and comprehensive line of defense for your specific network against even the most evasive and deadly computer viruses, hackers, and spam.
  • Recommend ways to speed up your entire computer network while possibly cutting costs on your Internet and e-mail service.
  • Create Initial Network Documentation (basically a blueprint or index of your entire network) to figure out exactly what’s under the hood. We will also provide you with an easy-to-understand written report outlining your high-risk areas for viruses, downtime, or other threats.

Call 410-720-3300 or click here to request your Network Assessment and get your IT to work even harder for you.