IBM iSeries Midrange Server Services

The esteemed range of IBM midrange iSeries computers has been part of DP Solutions’ expertise and culture for decades. There are thousands of iSeries computers in prime production use all over the Mid-Atlantic and we’ve supported quite a few of them! Our Analyst/Programmers have extensive experience in industries such as wholesale distribution, manufacturing, retail, insurance, catering, water testing, fertilizers, lithographic printing, State Departments and many in between.

 We remain committed to providing services to support these valued clients, including:

  • Analysis, design, programming and maintenance utilizing multiple languages and tools, including RPGIV, ILE, RPGIII, RPGII, CL, OCL, COBOL, SQL, Java, DDS, RPGIII and RPGII
  • Green screen to GUI programming utilizing Rocket / Seagull / Jwalk software
  • iSeries 3rd party applications support with especially deep experience in Application Plus Distribution software, Extol software and TL Ashford software, and integration of many other software packages
  • Email, fax, PDF creation, MS Windows server integration, formatted Excel spreadsheets, CGI browser-based web applications, credit card encryption and secure credit card processing, XML, EDI and Bar Coding
  • OS/400 Operating System upgrades and PTF applications
  • New systems procurement, lease, rent, or buy, and installation / migration services
  • DASD, memory and peripherals procurement and installation
  • Hosting, co-location and remote management

It’s all fun and games until someone loses an i…

Nowadays, most users wouldn’t dream of using magnetic tape for the backup and disaster recovery of their Windows and Linux servers. In fact, many clients have been confidently backing up their systems to our Cloud for a while. However, many iSeries clients still rely on tape and manual rotations offsite. It’s time to change that! Tape can be unreliable and is inherently slow for recovery. There are many affordable options for offsite Cloud backuphigh availability and disaster recovery in the iSeries world now, so please contact us today to discuss your options!