Techniques Academy Crest_mock up_no ribbonWatch these videos for quick fixes to common technology challenges

Our Service Desk Engineers walk you through solutions to your most frequently asked computer and technology questions. Check back often for new videos.



PC Terminology 101

When working with clients, we find that they might not be familiar with some of the technology terms that seem second nature to us. 

In this video Carol will go over some basic terminology and best practices when using a browser and search engine.





VPN 101

Ever since we’ve been working from home, you’ve probably heard the term "VPN" tossed around a lot. But what exactly is a VPN? Why do you need a VPN? And how do you use one?  Learn the basics of VPN's in this 2-minute video.



Computer Properties 101

See how to quickly locate your computer properties, such as name, processor, system type & memory. 



How to Place a Service Ticket

In this video Lyssa walks you through the different ways you can submit a service ticket to DP Solutions' Service Desk.

Knowing the different ways to submit service tickets helps us get to you faster and resolve your issue quicker. We wanted to share this information with you so that we can provide you with the best possible support.



Display & Sound Settings

Discover simple ways to set up your sound and display settings to optimize your computer experience. 


Keyboard_2534151 (1)


Using Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys)

Learn simple keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) that will make your work life easier by reducing extra clicks and saving time. And don't forget to download our Hot Keys Cheat Sheet! 


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How to Create a Shortcut Icon

Shortcut icons are incredibly easy to make and can improve your productivity by allowing you quick access to files and folders that you use frequently. See how to do it!


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