Complete Network and IT Support Transition

Non-Profit Organization   |   100 Employees   

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When this healing and spiritual ministry began engaging with DP Solutions, they were a small part (100 employees) of a larger hospital organization (over 60,000) looking to get IT support in a timely manner without all of the restrictions and limitations set forth by the hospital. 

Their previous network configuration gave access to the adjoining healthcare system.  The strict network security policies in place on that network prevented their staff from accessing basic public-facing websites that most users would need every day, in addition to other common Internet domains not deemed "secure" by the Hospital’s security committee. Some staff live in housing provided to them at the campus location and their personal access was also limited by the hospital network.  This same security even prevented DP Solutions from installing critical support agents and managed services at the beginning of the engagement.  



After this healthcare organization was signed as a client, DP Solutions held numerous weekly meetings with the Hospital’s various IT teams and committee to build a partnership and understand the current environment and policies. 

“After listening to our problems and issues, DPS responded quickly by establishing a transition plan for moving away from the network and the support of the health system’s IT department.  They have been able to help ferret out what we can do safely and still meet our needs. We have been assigned a Client Strategy Advisor who meets with us weekly to discuss day to day matters along with current and long-term projects.” -Finance Director 

The first task was to get a new phone system that did not belong to the Hospital. DP Solutions engaged with its telephone partners to quote and install a new phone system that could be owned and managed by the Client. 

Next, DP Solutions succeeded in migrating the organization's email environment and accounts from the Hospital to a new Office 365 tenant. Their individual user data came over to OneDrive at the same time. 

Additionally, a plan was put in place to install a new Internet circuit and firewall to enable DP Solutions to separate the Client from the Hospital’s network.  This ultimately gave DP Solutions and the Client control over their network environment, which is something they have never had before.  



After almost a year from the initial engagement, this Client officially "cut the cord" from the Hospital and has the technological independence to control their own network. 

With this independence, DP Solutions can successfully provide them with Managed IT Network services, including unlimited Service Desk support, 24x7x365 system monitoring, Microsoft management and backup, email antispam solution, and annual disaster recovery testing. 

The Client’s leadership team was very appreciative of the time and persistence shown by DP Solutions during this lengthy process.  They previously relied on the Hospital for remote support and have expressed their gratitude for the responsiveness and attentiveness of the DP Solutions team in handling their issues.

“The Help Desk staff have been fantastic. They respond quickly and are persistent when it comes to getting problems resolved. Staff are much happier and more efficient.” -Area Leader  

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