DPS TECHniques Academy

Computer How-Tos

Explore the DPS TECHniques Academy to learn easy ways to use your computer more efficiently.


DPS TECHniques Academy: How to Put in a Service Ticket

What are the best ways to get support from DP Solutions? This quick video shows how clients can place service requests with us!


DPS TECHniques Academy: Computer Names and Other Properties

Learn more about your computer and how to measure it's levels of memory and capabilities.


DPS TECHniques Academy: PC Terminology 101

Learn some basic terminology and best practices when using a browser and search engine.


DPS TECHniques Academy: Display & Sound Settings

Discover simple ways to set up your sound and display settings to optimize your computer experience. 


DPS TECHNIQUES ACADEMY: Using Keyboard Shortcuts (Hot Keys)

Learn simple keyboard shortcuts (hot keys) that will make your work life easier by reducing extra clicks and saving time. And don't forget to download our Hot Keys Cheat Sheet! 


DPS TECHNIQUES ACADEMY: How to Create a Shortcut Icon

Shortcut icons are incredibly easy to make and can improve your productivity by allowing you quick access to files and folders that you use frequently. See how to do it!

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