IT Policy Management

One of the biggest misconceptions about security and risk management when it comes to IT is that an organization can spend their way to safety.  While it is critical to utilize proper technology tools like data backups, firewalls, antivirus, etc., to defend against risks to your network, these products are not a cure-all.

Security products are only as good as the people who manage them and the users who work alongside them.  That’s why you need an IT policy to define the proper use of the technologies you have in place.

DP Solutions helps clients develop IT policies to fit general best practices or specific compliance and regulatory standards.

An IT Policy Helps Define

  • User roles and responsibilities
  • Processes outlining how and when to use certain technologies
  • Expectations of staff and partners when security/risk management systems are implemented during a critical event

Security and risk management are disciplines, and we believe in being an active partner in your strategy so you can feel comfortable that all aspects of your IT Management are considered.

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