Policy & Procedure Analysis

How does your organization handle sensitive data?



Your organization undoubtedly relies heavily on technology. From your PCs and mobile devices, to your printers and scanners, it’s important to know that the data stored in your IT environment is safeguarded from potential threats.


DP Solutions’ comprehensive risk assessment has two key elements, which help determine your organization’s current risk levels and can work in tandem or stand alone:


  1. We assess the workflow, policies and procedures currently in place.
  2. We perform a series of technical scans, which analyze how your organization shares, accesses and stores sensitive data.


The Risk Assessment yields an Executive Summary, outlining areas in which your organization may be properly addressing risk, as well as areas in which there could be improvement.


Technical Scans

Where is your data at rest and in motion?


A Security Officer from our team will conduct a series of comprehensive scans which determine overall risk on your network in three distinct areas- external, configuration and internal. This assessment will determine the degree to which information system security controls are correctly implemented, whether they are operating as intended, and that they are producing the desired level of protection.


  1. External Vulnerability Scan
    • This scan assesses perimeter based vulnerability. We determine how difficult it would be for a potential hacker to gain access into your network from the outside. 

  1. Network Configuration Audit
    • We analyze the rules of the network, which de­vices can talk to one another, user rights, user policies, etc. This determines the level of access users and devices have and how it affects your overall network security. 
  1. Data Breach Scan
    • Our Data Breach Scan brings to light the internal software threats on your network. It also identifies the suspected locations of personally identifiable information (PII), including Social Security numbers, credit card num­bers and driver’s license numbers.

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Your Organization's Risk Level

Extensive Guide to Remediation


Together, our Policy & Procedure Analysis and Technical Scans determine your orga­nization’s risk level:

  • Where and how might your data be compromised
  • The damages and implications of a breach or hack
  • The costs associated.

We then provide an Executive Summary, which outlines your security risks and a list of recommenda­tions in user-friendly terms. This way, your team is able to easily understand what your organization’s risk level is and can make educated technology decisions to bring your network up to an acceptable level of risk.



Who Qualifies for this Assessment?

Businesses with 10+ Computers
Businesses with At Least 1 Server
Businesses in the Mid-Atlantic