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Award-winning Managed IT Services provider (MSP) in Washington, D.C.

Your Trusted Partner for Customized IT Solutions

Technology Services for DC-Area Businesses

With a remote office in the heart of Washington, D.C., DP Solutions has served many clients in the metropolitan area for over 50 years.

We provide IT managed services and solutions that have helped companies of all sizes across many different industries.  Let us help your DC organization optimize your IT and maximize your business!

DP Solutions: Your customer-focused IT company in Washington, D.C.

1300 I Street, NW
4th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20005
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Main Phone Number:  1.877.IT.SOLVED (877-487-6583)
Local Phone Number: 202.410.2566




“They make me feel like my concern is a high priority”

"I continue to be pleased with DP Solutions. The process is seamless. The techs are efficient; knowledgeable; and courteous. Whatever my tech needs, they make me feel like my concern is a high priority.”

- Terri D., Law Firm, Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. IT Services & Solutions

DP Solutions offers a wide range of technology services to businesses across Maryland, from Western Maryland to the Chesapeake Bay, and the surrounding area. Our Washington, D.C. location is ideally situated to serve companies and government agencies in the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area. 

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Why Choose DP Solutions for Your Washington, D.C. Organization?

For organizations in the DC area, working with a local managed IT services provider has many advantages. Your DC-area business can receive on-site support from our experienced engineers to supplement remote services. As a business with an office in Washington, D.C., DP Solutions understands the IT challenges government agencies and neighboring companies face, as well as the local risk landscape, so we can provide IT services, such as IT Security & Compliance Services, tailored to meet their unique needs. 

With over 50 years of experience serving the DC metropolitan area, we are the trusted choice for local businesses and government agencies because of our: 

  • Local Expertise and Commitment 
  • Proven Track Record 
  • Award-Winning Service  
  • Personalized Support 
  • Community Involvement 

Proven IT Solutions Expertise Across Industries in Washington, D.C.

Here is a sampling of the industries we help in the DC Metro Area. To see a full list of all industries which we support, visit our Industry Expertise page.

In order to survive in today’s tech-heavy accounting world, your firm needs efficient, reliable IT solutions that give you ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to your critical information. And with so much personal and confidential information entrusted to your organization, the security of your data needs to be air-tight and compliant with data protection laws.

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With building projects gaining in complexity year over year, construction companies need to move toward a digital workforce to improve their productivity, increase proficiency, and stay ahead of the competition.

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In the fast-paced, ever changing environment that is the financial industry, your technology needs to keep pace. We’ll build technologically advanced cost-effective solutions that scale rapidly to give you an edge.

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Working with Federal, State and Local government agencies can be challenging. As a Government Contractor, your technology needs to be efficient, reliable, scalable, and secure so you can fulfill your contracts and projects.

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Our presence in the healthcare industry is strong – satisfying over 150 medical offices from Northern Virginia to Massachusetts. Whether your practice has one or multiple locations, we can manage your network infrastructure so you can put your focus where it belongs – on your patients.

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The next decade will be full of technological advancements across the manufacturing industry. These present great opportunities for your company to grow revenue and improve operations.

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Among the many challenges facing nonprofits and associations today, funding is at the top of the list.

As an IT managed services company, we help organizations harness innovative technological solutions to overcome tight budgets and meet their business goals. But don't just take our word for it, see what our nonprofit & association clients have to say!

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Managing a commercial or residential property gets more and more complicated each year. Property managers are often asked to do more with less. And with growing demands from tenants and owners, today’s property management firms need to work efficiently and effectively.

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With online listings, virtual tours, and e-signing, technology has changed the way real-estate transactions are handled these days. Not only are paperless transactions the norm, but mobile technology has transformed the landscape. Access to information, client expectations, and customer service are very different in today's market.

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Discover Leading Managed IT & Cybersecurity Services in Washington, D.C.

From keeping the network secure, warding off cyber threats, patching, updating, troubleshooting, and answering tickets in a timely manner, DP Solutions can take over the full-time operation of your IT needs or augment your existing staff. Our Managed IT Services customers enjoy:

  • Networks, systems, and computers that run faster, with more efficiency and freedom from issues and bugs
  • Quick and consistent access to data and the network
  • Safe, secure data that’s continually backed up
  • The ability to work seamlessly during updates, installations, and other important events
  • Connection during outages
  • A strong reduction in downtime and disruptions
  • An increase in staff productivity, sales, cash flow, production, and customer service

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Managed IT Support & Services in DC FAQs

What are the benefits of choosing a local Washington, D.C. IT services provider like DP Solutions?

Choosing a local Washington, D.C. IT services provider like DP Solutions ensures that you have both on-site and remote support from experienced and qualified engineers. We can customize our services to meet the unique needs of local businesses and government agencies based on our knowledge of area IT and cybersecurity challenges. 

How does DP Solutions support Washington, D.C. businesses in meeting cybersecurity compliance requirements?

DP Solutions provides IT Security & Compliance Services that are tailored to meet the needs of DC-area businesses and government agencies. We understand the local threat landscape, as well as the risks faced by government agencies, so we can help develop and implement a comprehensive security strategy that is supported by leading security solutions and meets regional, industry, and Federal government compliance standards. 

How does DP Solutions assist DC-area healthcare providers with HIPAA-compliant IT services?

DP Solutions provides Security & Compliance Services for DC-area healthcare providers. We understand HIPAA regulations and how they affect the way patient data is stored, accessed, and protected. Our advanced knowledge in IT support for healthcare includes HIPAA compliance and the importance of confidentiality and medical data security. 

How can DP Solutions enhance remote work capabilities for businesses in DC?

Companies in Washington, D.C. are using remote work environments or hybrid workplaces that combine on-site and remote work environments. DP Solutions provides the Managed Network Services required to support and secure the connectivity and collaboration solutions needed for remote work. 

Which Managed IT Services Providers are trusted in DC?

Companies in the DC Metropolitan area are savvy enough to seek out recommendations and reviews to find reliable service providers. Explore our Press Releases to see many of the awards and accolades DP Solutions has received from analysts and other third parties that show we are a trusted and respected IT provider. Our experience working with government agencies also shows that we are entrusted with handling the toughest security challenges. 

How can Managed IT Services improve efficiency for DC businesses?

Small business owners and government agencies look for ways to streamline operations and enhance security within a tight budget, and managed services can play a crucial role. The team at DP Solutions can take over many of the routine management and maintenance tasks that overburden the internal teams at DC-area companies and agencies, allowing them to focus on core business. We can also implement modern technologies that optimize business processes. 

A Team That Cares About Our Washington, D.C. Customers

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